A1 Improvements

There has been talk of upgrading or improving the A1 in Bedfordshire for many years.  There was a proposal to build a new road out to the west of the current A1 going through our parish in 1994 but this was cancelled in 1995.  The original proposals can be seen at the bottom of this page.  This idea was raised again in 2014-15 and the relevant newspaper articles can be found at the bottom of this page.  There was an “A1 East of England Review” which found that building a new road was not sufficiently cost effective.  A link to this review can be found at the bottom of this page.  The new A428 and Black Cat proposals then progressed and it seemed unlikely that a new road would be built to the west if the Black Cat was to be upgraded in situ.

The government have published a draft transport strategy for consultation.  Much of this is related to rail infrastructure but a recurring theme in it is to deliver a long term solution to the challenges of the A1 East of England.  The deadline for consultation is 6th October 2020.


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“The 62 mile ‘East of England’ stretch of the A1 from Peterborough to Hertfordshire contains two sections built to motorway standard, but a 26 mile section in the middle, includes five roundabouts (including four within a short distance in Bedfordshire), and numerous unnumbered junctions and accesses, leading to significant reliability issues.”

The Parish Council is currently drafting their response but their position in the past has been that we have said we believed that there would be no need for improvements to the St. Neots stretch of the A1 once the Black Cat and A428 were sorted out with proper grade separation using flyovers / underpasses etc.   If any improvements are to be made to the section of road near St. Neots we would prefer that extra lanes were added in situ eg by a small expansion to the west directly adjacent to the existing road rather than building a new road to the west of the existing one.

To comment on the strategy use this link:



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